Exciting News

Today International Day of Forests and in honour of this special day, we are delighted to announce that we have officially partnered up with the Forests of Marston Vale charity.

From today, for every 50cl bottle of Willow Tree Gin purchased we will donate 50p to the Forests of Marston Vale. This charity was set up in the early 90s with the aim to plant as many trees as possible in a 61 square mile area between Bedford and Milton Keynes, designated by the Government for the creation of a community forest.

At the beginning of the project the tree coverage consisted over only 3% but thankfully today this has increased dramatically to 15%. The forest of Marston Vale aims to plant another 5 million trees and we decided it is our time to help make a difference.


Willow Tree Gin is now stocked at the Forest Centre.

Click here to find out more on the Forest of Marston Vale: https://www.marstonvale.org/news/launching-local-gin

Click here to buy our gin online: https://www.willowtreedistilling.co.uk/shop/